Sunflower Man

The Waifs

Compositor: Donna Simpson

I'll never forget I was singing in the streets
You laid a sunflower on the case at my feet
You blew a smile and you rolled right away
People cheered on the day that I fell in love
Yeah I fell in love

My head was heavy and my clothes they were torn
I'd never felt like anyones princess before
If you knew how much you blew me away
I'd want to go and relive that day
It was the day that I fell in love
Yeah I fell in love

Oh Sunflower Man, throw me a dollar, reached out your hand and
Laid a big sunflower down at my feet
It was a buskers dream the way I fell in love
I fell in love, when I fell in love

The day you gave that big sunflower to me
We lay together and we smoked till the dawn
We spoke of poetry and we sung some songs till the daylight came

I'm not always good at saying how I feel
This song to some people it's not a big deal
But you know who it's from and you know who it's for
I was a poor lonely busker the day I fell in love
Yeah I fell in love

Close your eyes lay your head in my lap
You know I really love that
I thank God for the day that I was singing in the street
I earnt twelve dollars, a sunflower and you, for keeps
And I fell in love, I fell in love, I fell in love - and I'm still in love

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